Values, Mission and Vision Statements

For The Brutal Truth Organization

(EASE into it)

Educate – to make society aware of social norms and faulty system

Address – to create checks and balances

Synergize – Individuals & organizations that are doing like-minded work

Empower – members of society who have suffered from bullying.


The organization focuses on four key areas to help ameliorate the conditions caused by the current prevalence of bullying and misuse of power in Canadian Society: they are to educate people on the current conditions, address the current situation, synergize the individuals and organizations that are doing like-minded work, and empower the people suffering from the effects of bullying.


By sharing the personal experiences of those who have suffered from bullying and abuses of power the organization hopes to make society aware of the magnitude and seriousness of the problem particularly at the level of the Canadian Government.

Through analyzing the experiences understanding of the fatal societal problem at its roots gives opportunity to address and make corrections to a faltering system. It is forefront to collectively take these studies and identify the patterns of erroneous cognitions that are prevalent in society that perpetuate the problem.

By educating individuals on the issues of social injustice it will inspire individuals to stand up and make a difference. Education on concrete directions for solutions will be given.

The Organization will also educate other details and aspects of the phenomenon retrieved from a variety of resources. In the same vein, by sharing the work being done by many individuals and organizations addressing the issue, it will not only further enlighten the people, but also give hope for change and inspires individuals and society as a whole to make the required changes.


The organization plans to go beyond the step of educating individuals on the reality of bullying and misuses of power in Canadian Society, but also plans to address the lack of accountability when it comes to this societal problem where the good are sacrificed while the bad and bullying behaviour are promoted.

The Brutal Truth Organization will have a role similar to that of an ombudsman while acting as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO). The Organization will provide a series of checks and balances to reduce and eventually eliminate bullying in our society and help reshape aspects of the Legal System which make bullying prevalent.

There are many laws, systems and social norms that need to be changed. Concrete changes need to be applied.


The Organization maintains that success rests with the collective energy, consciousness and work of like-minded people to promote integrity within our society. The shift is and must occur collectively one by one. The power of one collected.


The Organization will look to provide support and outlets for those who have suffered from bullying. By using education to direct changes in negative social norms that allow bullying to continue they will empower those who have suffered from bullying. Society as a whole will be empowered by addressing the social inequality. There is much hope and motivation inspired by The Brutal Truth Organization which in its totality is empowering for the masses.