Products And Services

The Brutal Truth Organization will be providing a wide range of products and services to help spread its vision and message including: books, memberships, branded merchandise, consulting services and workshops, seminars and mini-courses.


The first book The Brutal Truth: A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system stands as the foundation of the organization. It is presently available for sale. For more details about this book check this website.

The second book which is currently in the works is entitled The Brutal Truth 2. It is a compilation of other individuals’ experiences of bullying and misuse of power as well including a compilation of individuals and organizations that are addressing the issue. Stay updated for more details about this book.

Presentations, workshops, seminars, and courses.

Presentations, workshops, seminars, and courses are being offered. Please contact Marilyn Garshowitz to discuss. They may be custom-designed for the needs of the group.

Consulting Services

Consulting on issues of bullying and misuse of power whether for incidents of childhood bullying or workplace harassment or otherwise is available. Please contact Marilyn Garshowitz to discuss.


Expected to be available soon. The Organization plans on selling branded merchandise products to create another revenue stream to finance the work and help establish the organization as a recognized brand.


It is in the plans for Membership to this organization be developed and offered.