Help Me Help You

This is a strange titled section indeed but well-suited for its purposes. I felt it would be most beneficial to spell out that I am working very hard to make a difference and assist with the shift that must and is occurring. But my success rests with your understanding and support of the work that I do to help you help yourself and subsequently help save society. Truly I need you to help me help you.


I need you to share your feelings, thoughts and experiences with me. I also need you to listen to what I have to say. I have a lot of wisdom to share on a very complex issue and I need to ask for your patience and the time to explain that which I know. I also need you to be open to trying to understand what it is that I am explaining. Some of the ideas, concepts and implementations can be quite challenging. Please also give yourself the time – to reflect, digest and apply – that you require.

Non-traditional elements

There are many non-traditional elements to this business that are in place to address the systems short comings some of which are created by traditions themselves. It is necessary to not do things the same way if that is what has created the problem. Wrapping one’s mind around making changes is crucial. Insanity is thinking you will get a different result by doing the same thing.


The founder is quite genuine and transparent in her disposition. It is believed this is essential for success. Your understanding of this element regarding the founder and the organization is requested. The founder is aware that her personal voice is heard quite loudly so that it may seem it is about her and not you and society. Please rest assured that is truly about the well being of all. Simultaneously, it is about the micro and the macro. It is about harmony.


Please also understand the importance of being financially stable as an NGO not a non-profit. There are costs incurred to run the business, that is until such a time the world is not based on a money system. I would hope to have support for this.

    Tell your friends about the organization.

  • Visit the website regularly.
  • Consider becoming a member.
  • Consider becoming a sponsor.
  • Get involved.
  • Participate.
  • Consider purchasing the services or products to support and enable the important work being done.
  • Buy books

It would really help the organization if you bought books. It would really help if you read the book and would discuss it with others and/or wrote some comments here on line. It would be a great help to request books be carried in bookstores and in Libraries. Please ask your friends to do the same.