The Organization

Business Overview

The Brutal Truth Organization is an educational program dedicated to making the country aware of bullying and misuse of power at all levels of society, but specifically with regards to the Canadian Government, legal system and business world. As the issue of bullying and misuse of power is a universal problem this organization naturally expands to world interest.

It is the understanding and premise of The Brutal Truth Organization that whether one is speaking of bullying in the school yard, among adults via workplace harassment or misuse of power from the judges or lawyers, or otherwise, it is the same problem. The problem of bullying is a societal problem—a problem that stems from and is perpetuated by the government and its legal system. It is systemic. To address any one must address all and particularly the common root of the problem which are the social norms and the system that perpetuate it.

The organization discusses, among these principles and other issue-related concepts and details, the experience of its founder Marilyn Garshowitz in books, live workshops, and presentations.

The first book The Brutal Truth: A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system stands as the foundation of the organization.

History of the Business

The development of the business began as early as 1997 with notes and research being conducted for the Organization’s first book. The writing of this book began in 2003 and was published in December 2008. The book has been successfully promoted to the degree that the author feels a second book and live workshops and presentations are necessary to continue to spread the message and information conveyed in the book. The author Marilyn Garshowitz is the sole proprietor of the organization.