The Brutal Truth about the Authorized Bully

The Brutal Truth is a feisty and controversial non-fiction book. The Brutal Truth is also the name of the organization that was designed to implement the work initiated within the book. Both deal with the systemic problem of bullying and misuse of power.

It is critical to understand The Brutal Truth’s premise – that whether one is talking of bullying in the school yard, via workplace harassment or by the misuse of power by judges or lawyers, or other wise, it is all much the same thing, stemming from and perpetuated by the government and its legal system through its faulty laws and social norms.

If there are going to be real solutions found and to bring about the much needed changes, the problem must be identified at the root of the entire problem and addressed at that level.

If you can see how the young child being bullied in the school yard by a number of classmates excessively and the handling of the situation is the same as a worker being harassed in the workplace and the handling of the situation as the same as the misuse of power in the legal system with the judges and the lawyers and the other positions of authority and the handling of the situation, one can see them as the same problem.

The way the issue is handled is the problem. There is a societal concept to be quiet about it – not to snitch or to just take it – “ignore it”

Ignoring the problem does not make it stop or go away indeed the problem becomes worse. The adverse affects both psychological and physical can not just be taken….nor should it. Letting the authorities deal with it possibly could work if the authorities would do things to rectify the problem. They however contribute to the problem. Often the authority disregards the complaint and/or they often hold the victim-blaming mentality whether they are conscious of this factor not. They focus on the victim – that the victim is responsible for the act of violence put upon them…for being weaker if nothing else. The authority blames the victim believing there is no problem if there is no complaint. If action is taken it is subjected towards the victim’s actions.

For example in the school yard the young child being victimized stays in from recess. In the workplace the victim of workplace harassment is expected to leave the job and their livelihood. Or often the authorities take no action until the point of time where the victim snaps from the abuse and then they want to charge and focus on the victim’s “unacceptable” and dangerous/threatening behaviour.

There is not adequate focus on the bully indeed the system promotes the bully personality and sacrifices the good. The bully is authorized to be such in so many ways.

Edmund Burke, a famous English philosopher warned society “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” He was warning of the misuse of power from government both in exceeding proper limits and in not being responsible for that which they should.

The work done within The Brutal Truth both the book and the organization is very much solution-based and the question is posed on the front cover – “Do you want to be part of the solution? It addresses the systemic problem of bullying by educating on truths, one of these brutal truths being that the bully is authorized to be such by the authorized bully.

There is a shift happening. The good men and women are recognizing the systemic problem and how the authorized bully maintains the element of evil within society. They are recognizing the dangers in these actions of misuse of power.

The Brutal Truth is the voice and action of one to help give voice and action of many. This empowerment will exponentially grow and strengthen the awakening to the new era of human consciousness. .

Get educated and get involved.

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