” This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and it was hard to put down. There is no denying the importance of reading The Brutal Truth; with every page the reader becomes more aware of how grossly inadequate our legal system is and the need for change. Marilyn Garshowitz is a very courageous and honest woman for relaying the horrors that she experienced with the judicial system. The Brutal Truth is a candid examination of harassment and abuse in public institutions. This can be an emotionally trying read, but I believe anyone who is interested in how our institutions are fallible when it comes to enforcing workers’ rights should pick up The Brutal Truth.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who recognizes the dire need for change. You will not be disappointed.”

Melissa Watson-George, Toronto, ON (youth worker)

“This is a truly personal heart-wrenching story. It is hard to put the book down as one furiously reads to find out what else could possibly happen as there are so many twists and turns, where does it all end and how can this be remedied.

I am sure anyone who has much experience of life will be able to relate to these injustices either done to others or experienced ourselves.

Not all perpetrators, victims or authority figures react the same way to an incident. It is very illuminating to learn the affect these incidents have on others which may or may not be the same as ours.

I hope this book will stop people in their tracks, make them think before they act and ask themselves if this action will help or hinder a situation for all involved.”

Bertha Knox Toronto, ON. (retired elementary school teacher)

“The Brutal Truth is a thought provoking book.
This journey is one that anyone of us could take at anytime and the abusive legal system would surely treat us the same way. This book leaves one feeling, “this could have happened to me.”After reading this book you will think differently each time you hear of a person battling the establishment.
It is an important read, done in such a way as to lead to some very much needed changes in our society. I greatly appreciate Ms. Garshowitz gift that she gives and recommend others read it too. She writes beautifully.”
Susan Boyd author of Mental Illness Fact or Fiction

BOOK REVIEW by Irene Hodgson

by Marilyn Garshowitz, self-published, printed by Trafford Publishing, 404 pages,

ISBN number 978-1-4251-4529-3, Genre: Memoir/exposé

The dramatic cover strikes with such intensity that it is difficult to put the book down. Lady Justice who is based on Justitia, a Roman goddess of justice, is most often depicted with a set of balanced weighing scales typically suspended from her left hand, which she uses to measure the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. She is also often seen carrying a double-edged sword in her right hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, to be wielded either for or against any party. Blindfolded symbolism usually indicates that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of the identity, power, or weakness of the defendant. However, the author pictures her with unbalanced scales in her left hand, a container of poison in her right hand instead of a sword, and her head is snapped back as if undone and broken. By having her entire face covered with a flawed blindfold which seems to uncoil from an unending roll from Heaven (or Mount Olympus), the author suggests that Lady Justice has been rendered not only blind but also mute and deaf. A short poem on page three expands on that foul image by insinuating that she is “diseased/Contaminating all of society.” That, coupled with the title, and her bold statement denouncing the abusive Canadian government and its legal system, is a harbinger of how her story unfolds — brutal, but truthful.

The author’s account of bullying and harassment throughout her life and with emphasis at York Detention Centre, is organized to sort out its components as dictated from her memory. Her grievances are written in such emotionally-charged language, and with such conviction, that the reader is forced to take a much needed break before resuming the remainder of the book. In Chapters 12 and 13, in a much calmer tone, the author summarizes and analyzes her case so effectively and convincingly that there is no doubt that she has been maligned and abused beyond reason. Later chapters, in which she names everyone involved, describe her mental state during her ordeal (she talks of suicide and murder) as she begins her descent into the nadir of her experience before rising again. In Chapter 24 where some of her best writing takes place, she states that “I am trying to recover from the results of continuous abusive behaviour of others,” (P. 349) and goes on to describe the physical, financial and emotional pain she has suffered as a result. Finally, in the epilogue, with her statement “I have written what I hope can help myself, others like myself, and the Canadian society as a whole,” (p. 373), the reader senses that the pressure is finally off, that she will recover and that her story will not be ignored having used her negative experiences as a platform/base to expand into extensive research and analysis to propel us towards solutions for the societal problem. After all, is it too much to ask that we all get the fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, avarice, prejudice, or favour? Surely, not.

A review by Nancy Carlson
The Brutal Truth” by Marilyn Garshowitz
Has anyone NOT experienced the convoluted behaviour of one of society’s demi-gods? You know? The ones with a suit of armour around their GASP ‘heart’’.

The ones who have no consideration for our feelings… our time… our money… our health… our “SOUL”. Try sitting in a courtroom, a lawyer’s office, a government agency, a hospital emergency room, any waiting line… etc. etc.

And to add insult to injury, try “WORKING” with one of these people. Well, Marilyn has, and exposes all her scars to prove it! Fortunately, she is still standing tall and lives with a fighting spirit to inspire us with a call to ACTION!

Let’s rebel against the insidious bureaucratic mindset that wastes the time and money, and destroys the spirit of some our most gifted citizens and tax payers.

“The Brutal Truth” is an emotional, gut-wrenching narrative by Marilyn Garshowitz as she chronicles her painfully unjust journey through “Hell” dealing with the everyday human demons of life, ‘dismissively’ known as “Bullies, tormentors, power-trippers…” – You may even discover a part of yourself to be one of them, because they exist in every aspect of society, and human nature.

After experiencing an intolerable situation with a co-worker, she attempts to play by the rules of the game and negotiate a sensible resolution. Unfortunately, this only serves to aggravate the “powers-that-be” who do not like their boat to be rocked. Sound familiar? In fact they have been known to reward such perpetrators with a raise and promotion sending the ‘problem’ to another location.

One of the sad elements that permeates her mission of self-healing by writing this book, is that she courageously reveals a very hurt inner child – the “Little Match Girl” who wants desperately to be loved and understood as she tries to expose the “evil” these creatures can cause to a sensitive and compassionate soul.

One can easily imagine her at home lying in a fetal position, moaning…. or banging her head against the wall. Metaphorically, this is exactly what she consistently experiences in a many-year quest that yearns and demands justice for her ‘rape’ by the Canadian judicial system.

WHEW’…. We can all relate on some level to the inept and control-hungry behaviour of individuals who seem to revel in the exploitation of “victims” as they prolong their anguish and unnecessarily create a painfully ‘sloooow’ process for justice. It’s obvious WHY so many just give up or, as was pointed out to Marilyn, will ‘DIE’ in the process. Fighting does take its toll on Marilyn – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What Marilyn makes perfectly clear in an intelligent and often (understandably) paranoid language is that ‘victims’ should not be forced to deal alone with self-important and ‘system’ protected ‘bullies’, especially after all their financial resources are exhausted by doing it the ‘legal’ way.

She does not want to perish and die like the ‘Little Match’ girl who froze to death while carrying her matches to sell. So she is taking her matches and lighting a BIG FIRE. In this book she challenges us to insist on accountability of those responsible for their victimization of others.

It should be understood that as Pogo stated in the words of Walt Kelly “We have seen the enemy and he is us”. If we have the courage and determination to ACT then we can be assured that changes WILL happen. To support this theory, in the words of Edmund Burke (1729-1797) “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

I loved the cover of “The Brutal Truth” with a young woman arched back wearing a blindfold, holding a poisonous bottle in one hand and the unbalanced scales of justice in the other. It symbolizes the illusion of “The Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth”.

The book asks an honest question. Will YOU do something to become part of the solution?

Nancy Carlson, entrepreneur, Toronto