Suicide Note to City of Toronto Workplace BullyingThe Brutal Truth, although feisty, is very much solution- based and has great emphasis on bringing individuals and organizations efforts and energies together to help bring our society, and our world to being one of more integrity and a healthier and happier one. The Brutal Truth speaks of the shift that must and is occurring around the world. There is a movie being made about this shift. To view the trailer and find out more and to get involved go to

In The Brutal Truth there is mention of Joanna Gualtieri’s work and the organization she founded that does amazing work in addressing the issues of misuse of power particularly in the government. It is an incredible resource and is highly recommended to visit

The National Film Board has a series of short documentaries that address the issue of workplace equality issues called the Work For All project. One of the films that is part of the Work For All project is the documentary on Michael McKinnon, an aboriginal corrections officer who has been addressing his workplace harassment for 18 years. Interestingly enough reference is to the case of Michael McKinnon was focused within the book The Brutal Truth as well. Mr. McKinnon’s case illustrates well the elements of the systemic problem and how it goes deep into the design of the legal system. This film is a superb educational tool.

Thank you to NFB for permission to embed this video on this site.

There is quite an inspirational young man, Danish Ahmed who I am friends with, who is also active in addressing the same concerns as addressed in The Brutal Truth. Danish does an exceptional job at explaining the situation and the awakening with inspirational and entertaining videos. Visit As I believe identifying the problem correctly then taking steps towards the changes is instrumental, so does Danish. He shares his six step process at is truly a great site to visit for understanding the phenomenon of bullying and mobbing.

There is an organization dealing with bullying with a greater scope on childhood bullying definately worth visiting. It is Through PREVNet one can discover some incredible work being done at the universities by a number of doctors. They are providing education on the brain damage caused to the victim from the bullying behaviour.

A video to help shed awareness on workplace harrassment in the city of Toronto, ON Canada. Suicide Note to City of Toronto Workplace Bullying
Visit their website for more information. Family Channel is dedicated to empowering Canadian students, teachers and parents to Stand Up to bullying. View the new music video and get tips for addressing issues and educating for prevention.


Although not a resource regarding the systemic problem of bullying per se, a number of individuals query about writing, and particularly, putting their “story” to e-book, therefore mentioning a couple of individuals that assisted me with the process seemed more than appropriate to include here.

Nathan Medcalf: Nathan designs and edits books for print and for e-readers such as Kindle and e-Pub. He has edited and designed anthologies, as well as works of fiction and non-fiction for individual authors. Nathan is also the editor a business-to-business newspaper that focuses on the construction, mining, and forestry industries and is an author and internationally published and prize-winning poet. Nathan can be reached at

Paul Lima: Paul is a freelance writer and author of 10 self-published books on business writing and the business of freelance writing. You can read more about his books online at and you can read his “Print on Demand Primer” at

Maria Jelinek: Maria is a freelance editor of many books in the educational field, including higher education textbooks. Her broad spectrum also includes biographies, fiction, children’s literature, journal articles, short stories, and corporate documents; she is passionate about all types of editing! Maria can be reached at

There are others as well that help me get my and others’ experiences out there. If you are interested in having your “story” shared with or without your identity revealed with The Brutal Truth, contact