It’s Not Easy… to Address the Bullying and Misuse of Power Issue

The problem of bullying and misuse of power is most complex and compounded and is threatening the well-being of society.

Anyone may be a victim to a bully or be subjected to misuse of power. You may have experienced it directly or indirectly. Perhaps you may have been bullied in school when you were young or have a child that is being bullied now. Perhaps you may be being harassed at work taunted and put down negatively affecting your self-confidence and health. Perhaps you have experienced the misuse of power within the legal system where lawyers did not do the work required to represent you. You may have found yourself unable to afford the lawyers fees that extend over unreasonable length of time or find they disregard critical details and negotiate is poor faith. You may have experienced a judge disregard information and conduct himself/herself without integrity and make unreasonable findings. Perhaps you have issues with regards to taxes and find the authorities you need to discuss the errors with use intimidation techniques to allow for proper resolve. There are many ways you may have been affected with this issue. Some, you may be aware of, and others you may not be aware of.

I admit it can be quite a challenge to speak of the subject of bullying and misuse of power.

As a victim of bullying and having been subjected to misuse of power it may be very uncomfortable and embarrassing to raise the problem to the authorities but the issue goes far beyond this. It is a challenge to speak of the subject in general.

  • First people often don’t want to talk about such a disturbing subject. It is harsh and upsetting. People would rather be laughing and having fun. Details include such things as suicide and homicide. Many are not comfortable discussing terribly disturbing topics such as children as young as 7 killing themselves. Rape, elder abuse, domestic abuse, and sex abuse from parents and clergy fall within the topic of misuse of power and are avoided topics.
  • Secondly, often people don’t want to rock the boat. They may be fearful of some sort of consequence or retaliation. They may want to be perceived as good in the eyes of the in-charge person. They want to belong.
  • Thirdly and similar to this is that society has conditioned and taught not to question authority. That it is human condition and nothing can be done about the problem and one just has to accept it. There are those in power and if they choose to misuse their power that is their right. “it is whatever I say it is” attitude regardless if it is right or wrong.
  • Another reason people may not want to address the issue may be because it is beneficial to maintain the present arrangement. This could include that they wish to maintain the status quo to protect their position of power.
  • There are other reasons this subject is difficult to discuss. Not the least being as how complex and compounded this issue is.

Understanding these challenges is key to finding the solutions to the problem of bullying.

If you want to deal with the issue of young children killing themselves or adults for that matter one will need to understand the systemic problem. One needs to understand the micro and the macro….and all the facets and levels of the problem. It includes the economical, environmental and political arenas. The problem shows itself up everywhere.

Yes, it may not be easy to address the issue but it is imperative that we do. Become part of the solution get involved with The Brutal Truth.

  1. Nothing will ever change.

  2. Things do change but take a very very long time. It was not so long ago women could not vote. There are many more examples to give as well. And before the plane was invented people thought that just crazy talk. We must try…I must try.
    Thank you for taking the time to send a note. Sorry for the delay not sure why I was not notified a message was here.


  3. Broadcast companies are misusing a whole nation with their dominant power. We don’t like to watch commercial messages on our TV but we HAVE to. Follow our action on our website called CLEAN SCREEN. Our plan to be commercial ad free in 2015 will be unfold on December 20/14. Please visit our website and tell family and friends.

  4. Thank you H. Baker for your comment. Sorry for the delay in response too.
    I will visit your website and see what you are doing there.


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