Good Synergy

I had the great pleasure of being contacted by Kubakonam Venkataraman after he read my online article “A Bully is a Bully by Any Other Name is a Bully”. He is Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth online magazine (India). Dynamic Youth is dedicated to Global Youth Development. It is addressed to the Global Youth and seeks to harness their energy and direct towards the establishment of Universal Harmony and Global Peace. As a free online magazine, Dynamic Youth is viewed in all major English speaking countries. Please visit to see the good work being done there.
I should like to share the first email Mr. Kubakonam Venkataraman sent me.
“Dear friend, Thanks for this informative article. The following statement speaks in volumes. “It is often too the case, that the authorities whose positions in society to protect and serve the people, those overseeing and executing the laws to ensure safety for those particularly most vulnerable are indeed behaving most contrary to that end. Indeed all the problems are stemming from the faulty laws and social norms that are maintained by the government with the aid of its legal system.” Though bullying is generally associated with youngsters, it has wider dimensions. The article we published in Dynamic Youth a few months back may be of interest to you.… With kind regards, K S Venkataraman”

His article is certainly worth reading and will be copied to this site for your convenience to read.

It is amazing being a part of this great synergy towards this shift that must and is happening to eradicate the issues of bullying and misuse of power.

Have an awesome week!

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