Finding Voice for The Brutal Truth

The Brutal Truth is a very feisty non-fiction book dealing with the issue of bullying and misuse of power. The Brutal Truth is also the name of the organization that was designed to continue the work initiated in the book. I cannot stress enough just how feisty the book and work being done is. You can probably tell from the subtitle A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system just how feisty it will be. It is so well named Brutal Truth for the truth is brutally harsh to hear sometimes and as such it is not always welcomed.

Some of the personal experiences I share are done so with such transparency that you may feel exposed and quite vulnerable yourself. The crazy making events of my life from both childhood and adult experiences with much focus on workplace scenarios may enable you to relate just a bit too much.

The included elements of conspiracy, faulty investigation, and terribly underhanded dealings with incompetent and corrupt lawyers and judges and their unethical legal system may enrage you. Underlying these events is my battle to deal with and recover from the compounded post traumatic stress disorder –the brain damage- the authorities caused. There are many brutal truths shared during the battle for sanity.

There are the brutal truths of how nasty or irresponsible individuals behaved told throughout. It is the voice at times filled with rage from enduring such mistreatment and violation that too is so brutal. Truths, sometimes are really not easy to hear. The Brutal Truth addresses suicidal and homicidal ideation as well as the hard facts of others who have carried out the deeds.

It is critical to understand The Brutal Truth’s premise and this premise is a tough concept to grip with. The premise is – that whether one is talking of bullying in the school yard, via workplace harassment or by the misuse of power by judges or lawyers, or other wise, it is all much the same thing, stemming from and perpetuated the government and its legal system through its faulty laws and social norms.

If there are going to be real solutions found and if we are to bring about changes to the problem we must identify it at the root of the entire problem and address it at that level. We must look at the truth and not be in denial no matter how brutal the truth.

The Brutal Truth is a voice of one being found not only for her but for all of society. It takes and makes negative positive. The wisdom pulled together with the extensive research delved into, becomes a remarkable educational tool.

The Brutal Truth is a passionate call to action and is very much solution-based. It identifies faulty laws and social norms. It educates, motivates, inspires and synergizes society towards a healthier more equitable society. The answer rests in being loud…finding voice and being very loud.

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