An Excerpt from The Brutal Truth (as Mark Twain Might Suggest): Addressing the Complex Problem of Bullying and Misuse of Power

An Excerpt from The Brutal Truth (as Mark Twain Might Suggest): Addressing the Complex Problem of Bullying and Misuse of Power


It was Mark Twain who said, “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter,” and do I ever concur that it takes a long time to write concisely and yet include all that needs to be expressed.


It is particularly challenging for me to write brief articles on the subject of bullying and misuse of power. As a systemic problem there are many elements that need to be addressed. And with emphasis on being solution-based, it is most beneficial to include comparisons and analogies for greater understanding of the complex problem.


Oh, what a web to untangle!


Really, it is important to include various individuals’ or groups’ experiences and then analyze them in relation to others. The details of specific examples are often extensive but imperative to include. And detailing without analyzing and then following up with a remedy seems amiss. Should there not be a list of steps required for change? How am I to present that as an article rather than a white paper?


I must write bits that are manageable for the readers to entice them to learn more. The attention span seems to have shortened as has the time available to read with all the information society has been inundated with.


I should be writing bits that will lead the reader to become a student passionate about studying my work. This leads to the need for manuals and setting up of courses. There is much work to be done.


I have several articles on the go at this point but they are becoming too lengthy and there is a deadline to submit which weighs heavily upon me. They are important articles and it would take too long to condense them.


Yet, I have a 400-plus-page book on the subject of bullying and misuse of power at my disposal. Certainly I can find a short passage that can stand alone. The book I wrote includes my personal experiences and an in-depth analysis, and leads into solutions. These solutions include referencing others’ works addressing the enigma. Details of one of my favourite organizations are in the following excerpt:


The great importance of the website for whistle-blowers in Canada can not be overstated nor overlooked. The site was developed in December 2005 by a group of volunteers under the auspices of the Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR), founded by Joanna Gualtieri, a prominent Canadian whistle-blower Yes, the same Joanna that was mentioned several paragraphs previously with reference to the article her father wrote.

The stated mission of the site is to “provide a catalyst for support of public reform in Canada, focusing on the need for effective whistle-blower legislation. Suitable legislation will be enacted and implemented effectively only if there is ongoing public pressure and scrutiny of the process.”

The site includes examples of government scandals, some Canadian whistle-blowers, other countries’ experiences and a highly illuminating summary of the attempt to create effective legislation. This includes details of Chretien’s 1993 electoral promises to mandate transparency and accountability through whistle-blower legislation. The summary also includes the 2003 efforts to move Bill C-201 (Whistle-blowers Rights Act) forward and its subsequent failure to be passed by the government. The next attempt in March 2004 introducing Bill C-25 also died, and then in December 2005, Bill C-11 was passed in spite of protest from outspoken whistle-blowers who consider a “tool” for covering up rather than exposing corruption. (The Brutal Truth: A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system p.304)

The book goes on listing the criticisms of the bill as well as citing the focus of the organization on including strategies for achieving positive change.


There certainly is commonality between the work done by FAIR and The Brutal Truth Organization. The premise behind my organization emphasizes it is the same mentality (victim-blaming and promotion of the bully personality) that is the underlying problem causing young children to kill themselves after being bullied or abused in other ways.


Indeed, whether one is talking of bullying in the schoolyard or via workplace harassment, or misuse of power by judges, lawyers, or others, it is all much the same thing, stemming from and perpetuated by the government and its legal system. The faulty social norms and tainted laws need to be addressed as do the individuals who support these ideologies.


Please visit and become involved. Together we can and will bring about the much-needed changes not merely for Canada but for the world.




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