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The Brutal Truth: A personal exposé of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system

by Marilyn Garshowitz

quality trade paperback (softcover); ISBN 1-4251-4529-3

Feisty and courageous, the author gives a very authentic account of her experiences with bullies and misuse of power, illustrating bureaucracy at its worst. Analytical, the book is solution-based.

This book is simultaneously detail-oriented, disturbing, insightful, honest, and hopeful. As the subtitle suggests, this non-fiction book is autobiographical in nature. The author discloses her own experiences of bullies and misuse of power. The subtitle also indicates a focus on the Canadian government and its legal system. It is the book’s premise that these societal issues of bullying and misuse of power are perpetuated by the government. It is all by design, facilitated by a faulty legal system.

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The Brutal Truth is written in a unique and authentic style. It is done with the greatest passion possible. Considered rousing and controversial, the material and sentiments are in no way sugar-coated. For with this honest style and the sharing of information, it is believed that there is real potential to affect the much-needed change. It is believed it will help hasten the shift that is occurring.

The author’s life is a series of events that must be told. They must be told not only for her well-being but for the well-being of others. Some people’s journeys are for others to learn from and benefit. The author purges and processes the crazy-making events. Her story reveals bureaucracy at its worst. The Canadian government is corrupt and abusive.

The book covers a lot of ground. From the personal experiences inclusive of poisoned work environments governed by bullies and victim-blaming mentalities through intensive analysis, and to provocative solutions.

There is much emphasis on employment with predominant emphasis on the author’s position as a correctional officer for young offenders at the York Detention Centre, a Ministry of Community and Social Services facility. The events develop into nothing short of a conspiracy inclusive of a faulty investigation. The settlement that followed was deplorable, unlawful and had the makings of psychological gang rape. The legal proceedings that followed with the Labour Board and the Supreme Court of Ontario would continue along the same vein with them ignoring confession among other shocking behaviour. The implication of the Federal government would too prove to be reprehensible. The lawyers, the judges, and others were all tainted and contributed to the crazy-making drama. Analysis of the entire fiasco takes place.

The author, desiring for her story to be more than outlining the many faults of the government, examines the complex societal problem. The second section is initiated by delving into other individuals’ stories, and proves quickly and clearly the magnitude of the problem. The problem of bullying and misuse of power goes way beyond workplace harassment issues, although well-documented to be the serious problem it is. Highly researched and referenced, The Brutal Truth includes some psychological and sociological paradigms for further understanding. Well-selected articles, books and movies are chosen to develop understanding of the nature of the problem. Other aspects reviewed are politics and the electoral system. The concept of Canada as a democracy is challenged. The lack of accountability is forefront. Other factions of society, is also critiqued. The essence of the battle of good versus evil presides.

The Brutal Truth is solution-based. Going beyond identification of the problem, it is a tool to promote hope and instill empowerment for change. References to some individuals and organizations and their respective works that address these issues are included. Also included are specific methods that address many of the problems critically identified. An interactive organization design to continue the work initiated is projected. Individuals are encouraged to contribute their stories and knowledge of the faulty system and of existing or possible remedies. The power of one is great.

There is overlap throughout. It is about the author and it is about society. It is about making one – many, and the many – one. It is about hope and survival. The author’s battle is for herself as well as for society. It is an incredible battle. She is armed with “the brutal truth.”

Written in a unique style, the author proposes to reach a large and varied audience by giving of herself. It is intended that this book also goes forward into institutions of higher learning as a study tool.