About The Author

On January 12, 1964, Marilyn Garshowitz was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and still resides there.

Marilyn had various careers prior to her commitment to the Brutal Truth project. She was a security officer during her full-time attendance at Toronto’s York University. After graduating with her three-year degree focused in psychology, she worked with troubled youths in group homes and detention centres. Much of her work was as a correctional officer with young offenders at York Detention Centre. During these years, Marilyn continued various career-oriented courses and returned to York University to complete her Honours degree. A couple of her courses were independent studies which were at a significantly advanced level. One of the research studies led to a co-authored publication in a psychology journal (Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science Volume 29:1 January 1997). The other research study was conducted at Syl Aps, a correctional facility for young offenders in Oakville, Ontario and was also a paid research assistant position.

Incidents occurred which necessitated retraining for a career in the financial sector. Marilyn completed various courses for the insurance, mutual funds and securities industries, such as the Canadian Securities Course and the Branch Managers exam. She obtained the required licenses and advanced to various positions, even that of a financial advisor.

It is Marilyn’s vast experience in employment as well as in her personal life and her formal education that all contribute to her extensive knowledge and obvious passion on the subjects of misuse of power and bullying. Marilyn, an inherently kind and compassionate human being, endured numerous setbacks, but managed to persevere in the face of adversity.

Marilyn has had her short story GEM published in the anthology Canadian Voices, Volume 2. Published by Bookland Press. Available in Chapters/Indigo, other book stores and online at www.amazon.ca.

Marilyn writes a column in a new Toronto community paper the Canadian Multicultural Journal. She also sits on its Editorial Board. This new journal is part of Hawarya publications. www.hawarya.net

You can get a copy online by clicking the epaper heading or pick up a hard copy in the community.

Marilyn is a longtime member of Deer Park Toastmasters Club of Toronto, Ontario (Toastmasters International) http://deerpark.freetoasthost.info/

Marilyn is a member of the Writers & Editors Network. This is a fabulous organization that promotes the art and skill of writing and editing with networking, guest speakers, mentorship, support and much more to writers and editors from all disciplines and levels. Ms Garshowitz has a short story published in Canadian Imprints, WEN’s anthology (2011)www.wenetwork.org

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