A Universal Awakening about Bullying and the Misuse of Power

All over the world…it’s happening all over the world. This phenomenon of bullying and misuse of power is happening all over the world. It is a global issue. What also is happening is a universal awakening. There is a collective consciousness that is being born and it is without physical borders. It is transcending among the countries, among the languages, among the genders, among the races and among the cultures.

This awakening is a shift in how society functions. This shift is borne from necessity and some kind of natural develop, a part of human evolution. You may recall the era of hunter and gatherer, and the agricultural era and the industrial revolution…there are several others that the experts name but for the purposes herein we need only understand that this new time is upon us.

There is an understanding that the world is in crisis and is on a path of self destruct. There are environmental issues where the skies and seas are polluted and the world’s wildlife is becoming extinct. Mankind too is in jeopardy. And not merely from these and other environmental issues! The error of man’s ways runs deep. The errors show up in all facets and levels of society. The economical structure illustrates and embeds the problem. The social justice issues are a bound.

I could list off a myriad of countries’ names and their issues. I do in my book and elsewhere and will continue to use examples of real life occurrences, and on the many levels the problems exist. I have come to the conclusion that regardless of the country, race, gender, etc., there is really simply a common thread among all the occurrences and that is it is all an issue of bullying and misuse of power.

I believe it is imperative to understand fully the issue of bullying and misuse of power and then to address it at the very roots of the problem. I am committed to this work and have written a feisty non-fiction book The Brutal Truth and have founded the organization of the same name to continue the work initiated within the book. The subtitle A personal expose of the corrupt and abusive Canadian Government and its legal system illustrates a good part of what my work entails. However although there is great emphasis on the Canadian government and its system I cannot overstate the importance of the work for the entire world. The work I do is of interest to all nations and to all people.

I suspect that the subtitle may come as quite a surprise to some for many people think Canada is so great and above the issues that I speak. Indeed Canada is sought out by many people as a place of refuge from countries that violate human rights so horrifically. I dare say Canada has quite a façade to its true identity although there certainly are things to be proud about Canada and being Canadian just as there are for other countries and their citizens. In fact there is the multiculturalism ideology within Canada that is “a celebration of/and respect for differences”. Quite frankly I like different colours and flavours. It really should not be too surprising to find that I am a founding writer of the new Canadian Multicultural Journal. This Toronto-based community paper has a significant focus on pertinent issues and shares its roots with Hawarya (pronounced how are ya) with its origins as an Ethiopian community-based paper for the Greater Toronto Area.

Although I confront Canada on its shortcomings and stress for accountability and address to the abuse of power, I do also find that Canada to be the very likely place to do what needs to be done to help affect change not just within Canada but for the world. I believe Canada having its leadership held accountable and honourable is most warranted and conducive to helping other countries to get their leadership in check (or out as the case may be). Truly some great work can be achieved here. The solutions start with identifying the problem correctly, not sweeping it under the rug and denying it.

I dare say my personal experiences that I share, with full transparency, within The Brutal Truth illustrates just how disgusting the Canadian Government and its legal system is. It is such by design. The behaviour is likened to gang rape and is legal fraud. The problem of bullying and misuse of power is perpetuated by the government and its legal system through its faulty laws and social norms. The problem needs to be addressed at this level.

This is what I do.

The Brutal Truth includes my personal experiences and the post traumatic stress disorder (brain damage) caused by the offenders. Going beyond my story it includes others stories as well. It delves into analysis of the phenomenon and then explores solutions with great focus on the significance of the synergy of all. The work identifies the complex problem by looking at the micro and macro and reflecting back and forth. Whether one is speaking of bullying whether it be in the schoolyard, via workplace harassment or the misuse of power from judges or lawyers, or otherwise, it is all much the same thing and how the issue is dealt with is the problem. There is a need to be very loud and to being heard.

Making my negative life positive I go forward to help with the awakening. I need your help to help….where ever you are or whoever you are I welcome your support. I am looking for others stories for my second book as well as funding/sponsorship. Please visit www.thebrutaltruth.ca to find out more and to see how you might get involved.
The shift is happening! Be strong. You can make a difference.

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